We are a company specializing in trading for over 10 years. We have long term experience on the market with trading stocks, commodities or currencies. Our main focus is on currency trading with low leverage for a safe investment.

About us

Don't look for automated forex EAs or robots, they never work long term. Human intervention is very important in this business. Follow our trades on Twitter.

Let us do the work for you!

We will be copying our trades to your account, so you won't have to do anything, except set it all up, which only takes a few minutes. You will need to keep your Metatrader 4 open at all times, so if you can't do it on your home/work computer, please use a VPS. We recommend Interserver's VPS, when it comes to pricing and reliability. For a broker, we recommend FXopen or IC Markets, but our EA works fine with any broker. We are also offering partnership trading, where we will trade your account for a 40% performance fee. We'll keep 40% and you'll keep 60% of the profits every month. Minimum account size to enter partnership trading is $10k.

What makes a good money manager?

There are a few things you should consider before you invest your money with some trader or an EA.

1. There is no holy grail EA on the market for $100-200.

There are many automated EAs on the market selling for little money. If any of them worked, banks and hedge funds would pay millions of dollars for them, they wouldn't even be available on the market. No experienced trader will trade your account for $20-50/month either. If it looks too good to be true, it mostly is.

2. Stay away from martingale strategies.

Martingale only works in ranging markets, when the volatility is low and the leverage being used is low, too. Adding to a losing position simply doesn't work, because it makes a bad trade even worse. And adding even bigger positions of the same trade is a recipe for a disaster.

3. Stay away from arbitrage strategies.

Forex arbitrage is the strategy of exploiting price disparity in the forex markets, mostly between 2 or more different brokers. Even if it worked, brokers don't like being exploited and you may lose your account and all profits also. Check the average trade length in history, if its only up to a few seconds, it may be arbitrage.

4. Take a look at average winning and losing trades.

If a trader keeps closing trades at a profit of 1-5 pips and losing trades over 100 pips, you know he is too emotional when trading. There is probably no trading plan in place either. Pick strategies which aim for 20-40 pips, at least. For longterm swing trading, it should be over 100 pips per trade.

5. Analyze the SHARPE RATIO of a trading system.

Sharp Ratio in forex is the measure of risk-adjusted return in a trade. It is more popular in stocks, but still very valuable in forex, because it shows the quality of the trades, entries, exits, profit, everything combined. 99% of all forex trading systems have a sharpe ratio below 1.0, most, as you can see for yourself, have a sharpe ratio below 0.20 even. Everything between 0.5-1.0 in forex is considered good and above 1.0 extraordinary.

6. Take a look at the broker's reputation and longetivity.

If you find a system with statistics that look too good, for example huge profits with minimum drawdown or zero bad trades, it can be a fake account set up by a shady broker. Brokers can make their own trading stats look better than they really are, by deleting bad trades from history, for example. Bad trades are a normal part of trading, the point is to cut the losses small and the winners big, not the other way around!


Lets talk about how we trade


There is only 1 open trade per pair at a time, so we are FIFO compliant.


These are the default settings, but you can choose any leverage you want.


We don't trade exotic pairs, only the established ones, EUR, USD, GBP, etc.


Most trades are closed within the same week, we are not holding for months.


Trades are opened with proper leverage to each fundamental event.


We are not doing anything that could put you at risk with your broker.

FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY - 30 DAYS FREE Trial - No Commitments

After 30 days, you will have 2 options to choose from, if you decide to continue. You can use the EA for €2000 per year or you can have your trading account managed by us for a 40% profit fee. Payment for the EA can be made by wire, bitcoin, skrill, etc. With the money management option, you are in full control of your funds and will be sending us the 40% profit fee each month. Minimum account size to have an account managed by us is $10k. For accounts over $50k, the performance fee will be 30% and for accounts over $100k only 25%. Payments are made on a monthly basis after each calendar month. CLICK HERE for the installation guide to set up the EA for the FREE TRIAL.

WARNING: Reselling of our trades is strictly forbidden.

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